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Informatics West Room 233,
901 E. 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408

Teaching Philosophy

My main objective in teaching is that the student should be able to know the information well enough so that they can teach it themselves. While I have only been an official course assistant for two years, I have been tutoring all-aged students for seven years. I have taught this long for two main reasons. The first is so that I can contribute to the intellectual growth of other students and second is that it helps me learn new perspectives about the material. This is especially important now as I have large classes with many different kinds of students.

My teaching style is very kinesthetic. I believe that lecturing makes it very difficult for students to focus, thus I like to use examples and worksheets. This makes it especially easy for students, especially shy ones, to ask questions one-on-one. I know my method has been useful when these students can answer questions that require more out-of-the box thinking. This is how I know that my teaching style has been successful.


Indiana University

  • Informatics I-210: Information Infrastructure I (Jan - May 2016)
  • Informatics I-201: Mathematical Foundations of Informatics (Aug - May 2014)
  • University of Michigan

  • Complex Systems 290: Agent Based Models (Aug - Dec 2013)
  • Complex Systems 391: Modeling in Political Science (Aug - Dec 2013)