Belief Propagation and Community Detection

A new method of community detection using that passes messages representing edge existence.

Promoter Heterozygosity and Function

Using promoter heterozygosity as a classification of function


An Agent-Based Model of Posting Behavior During Times of Societal Unrest

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Instrumenting Simple Risk Communication to Enable Online Self-Protection

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Usage-Based Approaches to Language Acquisition and Processing: Cognitive and Corpus Investigations of Construction Grammar

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My main objective in teaching is that the student should be able to know the information well enough so that they can teach it themselves. While I have only been an official course assistant for two years, I have been tutoring all-aged students for seven years. I have taught this long for two main reasons. The first is so that I can contribute to the intellectual growth of other students and second is that it helps me learn new perspectives about the material. This is especially important now as I have large classes with many different kinds of students.

My teaching style is very kinesthetic. I believe that lecturing makes it very difficult for students to focus, thus I like to use examples and worksheets. This makes it especially easy for students, especially shy ones, to ask questions one-on-one. I know my method has been useful when these students can answer questions that require more out-of-the box thinking. This is how I know that my teaching style has been successful.

Courses taught at Indiana University:

  • Information I-400: Collective Intelligence (Aug - Dec 2017)
  • Informatics I-210: Information Infrastructure I (Jan - May 2016)
  • Informatics I-201: Mathematical Foundations of Informatics (Aug - May 2014)

Courses taught at the University of Michigan:

  • Complex Systems 209: Agent Based Models (Aug - Dec 2013)
  • Complex Systems 391: Modeling in Political Science (Aug - Dec 2013)